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The Pavilia Hill

People live with hardly any nature in urban environment, and face various pressures every day, so it is necessary for them to have a healing space at home to release mental and physical stress. There is a Zen word “San Sui Ni Sei On Ari”, which means in nature of mountain and river people can hear clear and pure sound. Under this design concept the design combines the urban elements and the nature elements into one space. Water falling down from celling and expending waves, making it possible to enjoy this space not only visually but also acoustically by hearing the sound.

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Horsetopia - Run Fast/Live Slow

Horsetopia is an eco-friendly horse park in Yeongcheon, South Korea. Half of the 1,474,883㎡ site is dedicated to horse racing and the other half is for horse-related activities. This park will have a mix of fast and slow programs to attract young people who can enjoy horses as their companions. The marketing goal is to promote horse racing in Asia and other horse related activities as an eco-friendly alternative to amusement rides.

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PLAYOHO Art Pavilion comprises of 28 nos. of circular rings on columns with different materials and characters which moves in wind and cast shadows on ground. It creates a free public space for citizens to stop their hectic pace, stay, and hang around freely. Appreciating the skylight and wind. It encourages the public to slow down and rest on the lawn and have a moment of free play, or doing nothing practically but watching the wind move the rings.

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Botanica Istanbul

The design includes relaxing visual aspects that the residents can see while sitting on their balcony or spending time in the garden. The gabion wall made from natural rocks, evergreen trees, a wide variety of green plants on the sunbathing deck and many different spots to rest in the garden with good lightning allow family members to change their spiritual minds the moment they come into the garden.

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Aquaculture Park

Agritourism is a popular form of tourism in developed countries for almost 60 to 70 years. In countries like Italy, Latvia, Australia, Canada and the United States, agritourism provides an retreat for people working and living in dense urban areas. Furthermore, the importance of agritourism is about raising public awareness especially the younger generations in regards to the daily production of food. The aquaculture park in Huizhou provides a natural destination for local tourists in this region of China and an education centre to raise awareness in regards to a marine based food production

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Chic Supesu

Every person wishes to have a regal lifestyle. The style of modern design has been followed in both the club house and landscape. Light coloured wall surfaces, clean modern detailing, uncluttered spaces and a neutral colour palette with splashes of colour give spaces like this an exciting appeal. Staying in sync with the present day style and crafting a space keeping in mind the use of lines was the main motive.

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