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Farmers Den

the design reflects the philosophy of honesty and use of natural materials customized in local yellow stones and natural light depending on the sun path is the predominant attribute, the client is a simple famer and his elementary brief was to develop an office space to further this passion in organic and sustainable agriculture, the architectural layout was a simple grid-based plan and the building was slightly raised on a platform flowing into the surrounding landscape and waterbodies accentuating the overall openness and the sloping roof subtly cues vernacular design

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Urban Literature

The design project of Taichung Literacy Museum and its surrounding landscape parks focuses on breaking boundaries of spaces-the amicable interaction between the public space and surrounding environment; integrating areas-creating the characteristics for the public space and history; combining the memories of literacy; rearranging the connection of open space between the historical sites and parks.

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Yong Quan

Travelling though the river of time, and discovering the history of an old sugar factory. Walking on the shore trail left with traces of the previous sugar factory railway, people can feel the historical atmosphere where the scenery of the circular trail surrounding the lake fascinatingly resembles a ring on lake telling everyone the history of the sugar factory. From the tour to Taichyu Factory of Teikoku Seitou K.K., people see not only the charm of vitality, also the complete history.

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Riverside Pearl

The design uses the existing topography of “water” and “dam” in the site to create a shoal shape with shocking impact force in the west of Bashan Mountain. Strengthening the natural context, and striving to form a secluded Southern painting scene by combing the terrain of the earth landscape and planting plants. The site construction of modern landscape improves the quality of the city, and finally creates a special space for Nanbu, which integrate the public leisure, image display and festival celebration.

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The Secret Garden

Although the whole project is called "whimsical world", it still retains the essence of the concept of classical garden architecture and attaches importance to symmetry. Looking from a high place, the central axis of the garden is clear and distinguishable, which embodies the traditional idea of "identify the direction to find the right position". It adds a trace of solemnity and composure for the relaxed atmosphere, making the aerial photography of the whole garden more magnificent and magnificent.

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Shimao Loong Palace

Using natural and fluent language reasonable organization of landscape, courtyard are connected to each other in multiple dimensions, permeated with each other and converted smoothly. Using the vertical strategy skillfully, the 4-meter height difference will be reversed into the highlight and feature of the project, creating a multi-level, artistic, living, natural courtyard landscape.

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